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Master your momentum learning community

Build a life and business you love without burning out in the process

Join a community of women ready to master their mission, refine their message and elevate their mindset all while increasing their income streams and becoming more disciplined in the process! 

Sound like something you need? Keep reading!

Wouldn’t it feel incredible to have the right systems in place so that even in seasons of the unexpected you can run parts of your life on semi-autopilot?

Then when you’re ready you can get unstuck, start taking action and continue to monetize your talents and gifts without feeling overwhelmed in the process?

What would life look like if…

  • You woke up excited to start the day and not anxious? 

  • You could break down your big goals into smaller action steps?

  • You felt clear and confident about the  life and business you’re building?

  • You got better at saying no to time and energy drainers so you could go to bed feeling less drained and more accomplished?
  • You developed language to talk about your business without feeling weird about it?

  • You had your personal cheering section in the form of accountability partners inside a supportive program?

I’m happy to report this is all possible

Introducing Master Your Momentum

An 8-week accelerator program created for busy mompreneurs and mompreneurs-to-be looking for support and accountability with mastering their mindset, getting clear on their mission and keeping their overall momentum going so they can work smarter, not harder while building a life that feels good to them.

What’s Inside?

Master Your Momentum is a cohort style accelerator comprised of 4 key subjects.





This isn’t your typical accelerator. We’re taking a holistic approach to building a business!

By the end of the semester you will have:

  • Clarity around what you want in life and business and why you want it
  • A framework to help you keep your priorities in focus
  • Identified which tasks you need to organize, delegate or automate to give you more margin in your work week
  • A way to organize your daily, weekly and monthly task to ensure you’re keeping the main thing the main thing
  • Direction on how to design your perfect morning routine
  • Perfected your life and business  mission statement
  • Decided the business model that works best for you and your family
  • Crafted language to help you talk with your ideal customer in a way that connects to them so selling doesn’t feel like selling!


+ A community of women that want to see you succeed. 

It’s time to stop feeling like you have to be everything to everybody or feeling guilty on days when you forget to drink your water, workout, go over homework with your kids. It’s absolutely possible to build a business and life you love without neglecting relationships, going to bed after 1 a.m. or even spending a fortune.

But this mindset shift won’t come naturally, you’re going to have to work at it!

You don’t have to do this alone…

Building a business can already be very lonely my friend! And you and I both know you’ve likely signed up for other courses or programs before but without accountability or anyone checking in, it became super easy to fall off the bandwagon. By offering our program in a cohort style environment we provide you with an added layer of support knowing that others in your group or going through the same content! Once the program is complete you’ll be able to keep access to everything, including our coaching calls and goal setting sessions for a monthly fee. Think of it like your favorite monthly membership and a BOMB course having a baby!

In addition to our core program content you also receive:

Bonus Content


After graduation you’ll receive access to some of our bonus trainings like Mastering Your Money, Positioned for Profit: How to Leverage Information About Your Ideal Client to Sell More Products and Services.


Community Platform

Hosted on Slack, the community aspect is a place for students to come and share their goals, get an accountability partner to help keep them on track for the content, and stay up-to-date on community events.

Coaching Sessions

Group Coaching + Coworking

During our group coaching, goal setting and coworking sessions, you can get specific feedback on how to push through specific struggles you may be experiencing in life or business. You’ll walk away with a tailored plan to help you take action. 


Templates to Help Your Mastery

Master Your Momentum members receive templates for everything from Meal Planning and Daily To-Do Lists to a Social Media Planning Template – super helpful if one of your goals for the year is growing your online presence!


Instant access to some of my most popular resources!


Free entry to our Behind the Boss events in Dallas, Texas.

Other Mamas Are Saying

Brie can help.

I would recommend any mama struggling with clarity and balance…Brie can help, “write the vision and make it plain!”

Janee M.

Working with Brie was a game-changer for me.

I would always write my goals down, but never follow through on how I would accomplish the goal. Brie helped me to break my goals down into smaller steps, provided a strategy on how to reach my goals, and also prayed with me when I felt stuck. Knowing I had someone in my corner, rooting for me, and holding me accountable helped me to stay on top of my goals. After working with Brie, I am now a starter and a finisher!

Arion B.


“I really love the opportunity to hear all the moms wins and growth throughout the meetups. I also like that they are really chill and I feel like I can be myself which is amazing!”

– Bianca

“I love the encouragement!”

“I love the encouragement, the positivity and the affirmation.”

– Brea

“Real Advice!”

“I love how the meetups aren’t just talking.  Brie truly interacts and provides real encouragement and advice.”

– Jheri

You’re a great fit if…


  • You regularly feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities

  • You love to learn but rarely finish online courses

  • You are interested in entrepreneurship because you know having your own business would give you more time with your kids


  • You thrive in community but due to motherhood, work life, etc. you have allowed yourself to become isolated

  • You possess gifts and talents that could change the world if others only knew about them

  • You know you want to build a business that is authentic to you, not by using a cookie cutter solution.

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.


How does the Master Your Momentum membership work?

Master Your Momentum is a program + membership hybrid! Once you sign up you’ll be able to create a login and be directed to your Member Dashboard where our bonus content library and template library is hosted.

Once the program begins we’ll have a mix of class content, community calls and Ask Me Anything sessions inside the membership.  All content we release is  centered around one of our four Ms – Mindset, Mindset, Mission and Momentum.

Once the program is complete you can keep access to all the content by paying a $70/month fee.

Will I get direct access to Brie?

Yes! As a part of our group coaching and coworking sessions you will be able to talk to Brie directly. PLUS if you pay in full you will receive 1 FREE 1:1 session with Brie!

Can I join at any time?

Master Your Momentum opens up 3 times per year to help our students make the most of the cohort-style experience. If you missed our most recent enrollment period, you can join the waitlist.

Do I need to be a mom to join this community?

Absolutely not! While our marketing is geared towards moms if you know accountability and goal setting is something you struggle with we would be happy to have you inside the membership!

What if I'm not building a business? Is this community still for me?

Yes! Our four Ms can be applied in multiple areas of life – whether you’re building a business, running your household for time, or climbing the corporate ladder. 

How/When will I be billed for my subscription?

When you join Master Your Momentum, you are charged a flat fee for the  program. After this, if you’d like to keep access to the content and community you will be charged on a monthly basis on the same day each month going forward to maintain access to the monthly coaching calls and all our program content. Example: If you join on April 10th, all subsequent monthly charges will be on the 10th of the following months of your subscription.

What is the coaching and community like?

Our group coaching sessions provide members with the opportunity to talk through a specific topic in their life and business. Not only will you receive feedback from Brie but other members are able to chime in. Our community platform is hosted on Slack and you can post inside the group at any point!

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes! You can cancel at any time and you will lose access to all content once your billing cycle ends. Please note there are no refunds given for previous payments due to the digital nature of our program.

Meet Your Instructor.

Hi! I’m Brieanna Lightfoot Smith. I’m a business owner, part-time Program Coordinator, wife, mom of three, and homeschooler who by God’s grace is still able to carve out time for me!

It doesn’t happen by accident though, it takes a lot of intentionality. After experiencing a season of extreme burnout and closing my business in 2018 I developed a desire to build a business without burning the midnight oil constantly.

Several years and several children later I have developed a system that has helped with everything from staying organized in business to planning family trips to paying off debt in a timely fashion. 

I’ve loved all things productivity and organization since I was a kid. Every time Lisa Frank came out with a new collection of folders or notebooks it felt like Christmas! I hope to create that same feeling for you inside the Master Your Momentum Membership :). Building a business is hard work but it should still be fun my friend!

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